Booking System & Prices

All our appointments are booked via the online booking system.  New patients and archived patients may book their first appointment via the telephone, Tel:07930973445.  Existing patients must book all appointments online. This means we have more time to spend with you in the treatment room.  You can now book a Zoom video consultation too, should you prefer for your convenience where a procedure may not be required. When you scroll through the booking system you will also be able to view our prices too. Patients/clients who have never been to us previously or who have been archived due to no bookings having been made within 18 months, will need to telephone the clinic to make an appointment.

New Patients & Archived Patients

To be able to register at our clinic you will need to:

1. Confirm you will book/move/cancel all your future appointments via the online booking system.

2. You will complete all consent forms via email.

3. You have your own email address you do not share with anyone else.

4. You confirm that you accept and understand the terms and conditions of Skin 1st.

If you have never been to us previously, you will need to telephone us or email us to make a new patient registration appointment, or medication review appointment for archived patients.  After your appointment, subject to there not being any contraindications  you will have access to the online booking system to book procedures.  Should you have any difficulty or technical problem with the booking system please email us at, with a screenshot and we will be happy to assist you.

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