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COPS Body Dysmorhia Screen

Many people affected by body dysmorphia disorder (BDD), do not know they have it. Studies suggest up to 15% of clients seeking cosmetic surgery are affected.  Although BDD is a complex condition, there are a few basic self screening questionnaires listed below you can complete.  Just click the links to continue.  Please note these are anonymous.  If you would like to discuss this issue further please either contact your own GP or mental health professional or if you are considering aesthetic treatments, Andrea.

There are many reasons why people choose to have image altering procedures.  So many people are having treatments these days and the pressure can feel immense to follow latest trends in fashion, beauty and chase "perfection" in facial features.


Perfection does not exist and many super models and celebrities have many features that are in fact uneven. Madonna has a gap in her teeth, Kate Moss has a slightly crooked nose and bowed legs for example.


Despite this, most people do wish from time to time that they could change or improve a feature.  Whether this be a change to hair colour, lose a few pounds in weight, have longer eyelashes, fewer lines and wrinkles, a glowing tan or perfect eyebrows.  Mostly we can feel invigorated and refreshed after a treatment and get that feelgood "buzz" afterwards.


Some people, have feelings of self loathing about perceived flaws and can develop into extreme self criticism and a feeling of being almost deformed.  These people often see flaws in themselves that others around them cannot see and this condition needs very careful assessment before considering medical aesthetic treatments or surgery.


At Skin 1st, if we feel that we cannot improve a feature or feel that in our opinion you will not benefit from a procedure, or may never be satisfied with results of a treatment, we will inform you honestly of this.


Having body dysmorphia (BDD) does not necessarily exclude you from having minor interventions and treatments but it is essential you disclose you have or may have this condition to Andrea before any treatment is performed.  Body dysmorphia can alter over time and can have periods where no treatment or intervention for the condition is required and at other times it maybe severe enough to need therapy and/or medication.

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